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The sex industry is renowned for having a secret language all of its own, a language that is known and understood only by the most experienced of clients and escorts.


Porn video titles and descriptions can be full of different sexual phrases and acronyms. Interestingly, in porn, actresses most often fall into the teen or MILF pornstars category with little to no middle ground. GILF porn is quite prevalent and surprisingly popular, but it often involves some pretty hot pornstars by any standards.

You can also find lesbian cougars and bisexual ones that start threesomes with young or escort couples. You can find plenty of cougars on RealityKings. Other times it just a group of CFNM babes jerking off a dude, fucking, or abreviation fun with strippers in a club.

You can check plenty of them out on interracial porn sites.

Those of you into petite or tiny women need to know this one because it refers to just that. When combined with a BBC, a spinner porn video le to some jaw-dropping scenes. For instance, network site Exxxtra Small focuses on the big cocks and petite girls or spinner niche. Bareback is the act of engaging in oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse without a condom or rubber.

This sexual slang is just as crucial in gay porn as it is in straight content. It can also be part of BDSM play, in which case a female domina uses escort to achieve and hold the position. This porn phrase abreviation means that every orifice of a female performer gets filled during a scene. It could be DP with a blowjob or a combination with toys like butt plugs and fists. This is what you do during an FMM threesome or if you have a strap-on and two chicks. In its basic form, this involves one person getting sandwiched between two cocks with a blowjob and doggy-style sex.

Gonzo porn gained a foothold sometime in the s. Instead of having to sit through the story and badly delivered lines, the scenes go straight to the sex. Gonzo pioneers include Seymore Butts and Ben Dover. A facial is abreviation someone cums all escort your face. This sexual slang comes from the land of the rising sun — Japan. Bukkake involves a woman getting facials from three or more men. Often, she sits or goes to her knees before being surrounded by costars who then proceed to pleasure themselves and ejaculate one by one on her face. Enjoy your fap sessions.

There are numerous reputable sites with escort profiles and customer reviews, and little chance of anything going wrong. However, you might find yourself wondering what does A Level means. French Kiss. We all know it, most of us love it and escorts tend to offer it. This stands for Boyfriend or Girlfriend Experience. You get more of a personal and intimate experience with a guy or girl that is like being in a relationship. Each escort can be a bit different, but expect french kissing, cuddling, and hugging, as well as sharing meals, and having conversations.

If you like to mark your territory with flying cum, make sure that service is offered. MSOG or multiple shots on the goal means that you can cum more abreviation once during your session. This is great for dudes that blow their first load quickly. This stands for a certified massage therapist or, in other words, a escort masseuse.

Escorts that offer this service will not only give a killer massage but also give you a happy ending and fuck your brains out if you want.

This escort slang term represents a blowjob with a rubber or condom. Wanna will her lips and tongue slobbering your rock-hard cock, then see if call girl offers BBJ or barebacked blowjobs. If you like a woman that pays attention to details, then ask for BLS or ball licking and sucking.

Now, this is a mouthful, both when reading and performing it as service. It stands for a barebacked blowjob to completion, no quit, no spit.

No one likes quitters, and if your parting with hard-earned cash, you might as well see an escort swallow the load after giving you head. The pinnacle of escorting for some johns, a porn star experience involves deepthroating, groping, stretching, fast and wild fucking, swallowing, and the like.

And for those that want a real porn star, you should either be well-off or ready to dip into your savings.

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Tell us if we missed something important and leave your comments below. BDSM covers bondage, dominance, discipline, submission, sadism, and masochism, or any combination thereof. There are dozens of different sub-niches within the BDSM that involve different kinds of roleplaying between two consenting adults.

You can find anything from female domination, rope bondage, rubber, and latex outfits, to spanking and daddy play roleplay. This can either be an acronym for escort and domination or bondage and discipline, depends on what gets your motor running. BD is specific and involves abreviation infliction of pain during bondage and humiliation role-play. Bondage is for those that are aroused by being restrained or restraining others.

You can also try out solo or self-bondage. Tools and toys of this trade include ropes, collars, tape, handcuffs, and so on. They can be wrapped to make them flat or squeezed and made to bulge with rope, sometimes until they turn red or purple. Not for the faint of heart. Make sure they have natural tits. The combination of being pinched and the expectation of getting the implement removed create sexual pleasure. Also known as Japanese bondage or shibari, this bondage play uses ropes to subdue a submissive partner.

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At the same time, complex or intricate patterns are created. Watching BDSM videos is one thing but trying it with someone else is another. Moreover, the use of a safe word is suggested so that you can end a session immediately if anyone wants to stop. Pushing your sexual limits is fine, but afterward, you need some aftercare. This involves relaxing and calming each other and talking about what you experienced.

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Emotions felt during BDSM play can be intense, especially when sadomasochism is involved. As a kinkster, you can have one or a countless of kinks that you like to indulge in or explore. When a kinkster wants to go out and meet like-minded people, he can go to a munch.

This a social gathering of kinksters and a good starting point if you want to take on the BDSM lifestyle. The term femdom has seeped into mainstream porn I would say.

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It can refer to a type of BDSM scene or relations in which a woman is a dominant partner. But watch out for those femdoms who are into escort with a strap-on or dildo, unless you like getting your ass penetrated. This term is used by gay guys end and in the BDSM scenes. As far as BDSM goes, it refers to a submissive person who is on the receiving end of pegging as well as the one being restrained or dominated. This is a device that you can wear, and which prevents you or anyone from touching and using your private parts. The dominant person, male or female, has the key while the sub wears the belt.

Short for cock and ball abreviation, CBT focuses on male genitals for the goal of humiliation, masochism, or sadism. During CBT, a dominant might spank, flog, slap, tickle, or pinch the cock and balls. A sub wears a collar which a symbol of ownership.

Collars usually have rings made of metal so that a leash can be used.

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Hello, puppy play! Punishing them is a special treat.

This person chaperones and overseas everything at a BDSM gathering or fetish dungeon. This is what you call a building, room, or other deated space used for BDSM play. These are orgies involving many people who like to engage in different types of BDSM play. Consenting subs hand over the reins and do everything a dominant partner wants.

A fetish involves sexual excitement, pleasure or fixation with a specific object, a certain experience or type of BDSM play. It can also be called a kink.

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