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It is the location of one of the largest food distribution facilities in the world, the Hunts Point Cooperative Market. Its boundaries are the Bruckner Expressway to the west and north, the Bronx River to the east, and the East River to the south. Hunts Point Avenue is the primary street through Hunts Point. Hunts Point was populated by the Wecquaesgeeka Munsee -speaking band of Wappinger people, until European settler colonizers [6] first arrived in


Police: prostitutes, 2 men robbed victim of $96, at bronx motel

Love is a year-old black woman. She has high cheekbones, and her full lips smirk easily, especially when she hears something dumb. Police arrested her repeatedly, but she kept working.

She liked the money, and she had a daughter to support. Inhowever, Love was raped while working.

Hunts point, bronx: chris arnade photographs 'new york city's red light district'

The attack left her with post-traumatic stress disorder. With the help of social services organizations, Love quit sex work and started taking classes to become a surgical technician. Then, this summer, Sandra stopped answering her phone. Fearing the worst, Love decided to track her down.

When a car circled the block several times, Love assumed it was an acquaintance. She waved.

Love forgot the man, until, as she walked back to the train station, three police officers swarmed her. They arrested Love for prostitution. Love sat handcuffed in a sweltering, pitch-dark police van.

Confused and furious, Love spent the night in a cell—missing a day of classes. The whole process took 24 hours. Launched with great fanfare in Septemberthese courts redefined prostitutes as trafficking victims rather than criminals.

Feds: woman trafficked vermont girls to nyc

By offering vital services instead of punishment to these defendants, the Human Trafficking Intervention Initiative will act to transform and save lives—and, in turn, enable law enforcement to identify, investigate, and punish the traffickers. Those like Love, who did sex work out of financial necessity, before leaving of her own volition, might as well not exist.

At HTICs, district attorneys offer most defendants the option of attending six sessions with intervention programs. This could be a blessing for those on their first arrest.

Hunts point, bronx

The prosecutor was unwilling to make Love an offer of anything less than a plea to the top charge and seven days of sessions with Bronx Community Solutions. Love was baffled.

But I just completed school. What are you offering me? Read the complete, original article here. The Bronx Defenders is a c 3 not-for-profit organization. Redefining public defense.

A former wall street trader took these photos of street life, drug dealers, and prostitutes in nyc

Announcements In the News Publications. But Love had many arrests behind her. By Molly Crabapple Read the complete, original article here.

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NCBI Bookshelf.


Jose, 17, lives in Hunts Point with his father.


By Daily Mail Reporter.


Beverly Holland, 39, was charged in an count federal indictment filed Thursday that bears striking similarity to another Burlington-to-the-Bronx sex ring in which a year-old Vermont girl was killed last January.