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High class Amsterdam escort service. The Courtesan Club has provided luxury escort companionship for the discerning gentleman since We are an all-female owned and managed escort agency. We represent naturally beautiful, intelligent companions with spirit and spunk.


Top definition.

A skilled and socially adept provider of sexual intimacy, erotic companionshipand sacred healing, particularly when highly compensated and respected, for example in a court or high society setting. The film "Dangerous Beauty" delves into the world of courtesans in renaissance Venice.

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I grew up in a conservative home so my factory settings lead me to vote Republican. I grew up in a liberal home so my factory settings lead me to vote Democrat. Originally meant a female courtiera woman of a royal or noble court.

By the Renaissancethe connotations of the word had acquired that of the mistress or concubine of a king or a noble. Now it generally means a high-class prostitute whose clients are wealthy men. She was a very talented courtesan hired to entertain a high class range of business menmore suiting than the average escort and very pleasing to those appreciating fine arts of music and dance talents and performances.

A female prostitute, especially one whose clientele is men of high breeding and social status. My mom is a courtesan, she only screws paying guys with a shitload of dinero.

A synonym for prostitute employed by upperclass clients. Basically, a nicer term for whore used in the 's's. A lot of European kings had longtime courtesans in addition to their wives.

An educated, sophisticated caompanion to wealthy gentlemen. Historically the companions of royalty and aristocracythe modern courtesan provides companionship and sex to wealthy men for example look up Rhia Charles, London Courtesan.

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Appointments reservations are preferred to avoid disappointment; Most of the Sydney courtesan models are generally available for appointments throughout the week, but certainly not every day.


According to Knight, "The term Courtesan originated around , and meant literally a woman of the court.


We all know the word prostitute but how many people know what a courtesan is?


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