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The squadron became operational in September Initially established under Third Air Force in early as a fighter squadron at Baer FieldIndiana, flying some antisubmarine patrols in the Gulf of Mexico. Deployed to the European Theater of Operations in June without aircraft as its Curtiss P Warhawks and Bell P Airacobras were deemed unsuitable for use against German aircraft in long-range bomber escort duties. Was re-equipped with RAF Supermarine Spitfire Vs and its pilots and technicians spent a two-month period undergoing intensive training in flying and fighting with RAF pilots in the British aircraft from airfields in southeast England.


The exercises marked the first time the F has flown alongside British and Australian strike aircraft.

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An influential blue-ribbon panel has turned thumbs down on the idea of giving the National Guard a seat on the t Chiefs of Staff. The Congressionally appointed Commission on the National Guard and Reserves announced in a March 1 report that it opposed the JCS idea, which has been forcefully promoted by various lawmakers and state governors. The panel was commenting on proposed legislation known as the National Guard Empowerment Act, which was first introduced in and again this year.

Panel members argued that such a move would complicate the military chain of command. Air Force and Army officers have similarly claimed that the move would have the effect of creating a new military service. The commission did say that the chief of the National Guard Bureau should be elevated from three- to four-star status.

The panel is chaired by Arnold L. Punaro, a retired major general in the US Marine Corps. Its deliberations have been closely watched by the defense community. A final report is due next January. The panel also suggested that the Guard send its homeland defense budgets to the Department of Homeland Security—which would vet them and send the request to the Pentagon.

The key test of the Airborne Laser—the shootdown of a representative tactical ballistic missile—has been postponed slightly from late to Fiscalmarking yet another technical delay for the program. As recently as last fall, the shot was considered likely. The critical test will now take place seven years after its originally scheduled goal of The program continues to achieve milestones, however, Hyslop reported. All s in mid-spring were that two F fighters requested in the emergency supplemental would be withdrawn from the bill, after the Pentagon took Congressional heat for the way it asked for them.

The Fs are being replaced with F fighters, now in development. Congress allowed the Marine Corps to replace lost or worn-out helicopters with brand-new V tilt-rotors, however.

Th fighter squadron

In those cases, the deated replacement should be acquired. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. The homesteads were meant to free up funds for programs. Moseley added that funding is only part of the problem—the other being the age of aircraft and their availability for training.

John D. Boeing has begun to shut down long-lead production for the C airlifter and will continue the process unless it gets some new orders soon, the company said in March. Boeing claimed that without further orders, layoffs will begin in early and the line will close completely by mid Air Force Secretary Michael W.

Wynne considers the announcement a hardball attempt to coerce more orders from the service, for which funds are lacking. Other nations, such as Sweden, have indicated a escort to buy Cs, but have not appropriated the money to do so. Boeing maintains that with a month lead time to build one of the airlifters, they need a commitment now to ensure that no gap in production will occur.


The company wants to continue building the airplane at 15 per year, which is considered the most efficient rate. Two Fs crashed in separate incidents on March 12, one in Nevada and one off the coast of Florida.

Both pilots survived. The pilot ejected safely and there were no injuries or damage to property on the ground. The fighter was on a night training mission over the Nevada Test and Training Range, and the cause of the accident is under investigation.

The fighter was from the 93rd Fighter Squadron and at the time of the accident was flying a routine training mission. The pilot ejected safely and was rescued. Duncan J. McNabb in March.

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J model Hercules have all gone to Air Education and Training Command and the Guard and Reserve, in a variety of roles including transport, weather reconnaissance, training and psychological operations. The rd AG currently operates a fleet of 13 CEs and 14 CHs and has flown a high tempo of tactical airlift missions. They have been credited with taking 5, US convoys off the ro of Iraq.

The original version took 60 personnel a week to put together, but the new one can be assembled in less than four hours with the same personnel. The newer kit was deed as a modular system of housing, food service, laundry, water and fuel storage, waste water collection, electrical power, showers, and latrines, according to Army officials. Three additional soldier kits were diverted from sea transport and sent aboard C-5s and contract aircraft, according to th AW officials. During a day period, the Dover port received and airlifted 1, tons of equipment.

Use of the synthetic fuel will be approved for unrestricted flight operations across the B fleet as soon as analysis is done of tests on the type at Edwards AFB, Calif. D, Michael A. Inspections showed no damage to the engines from the synthetic fuel.

Aimone explained that a domestic producer of synthetic fuel was chosen by the Air Force to manufacture the new fuel from natural gas. Production from coal, oil shale, and biomass sources would solve the constraint. The conventional 30,pound penetrating bomb is deed to defeat hard and deeply buried targets such as bunker and tunnel facilities. It is deed to be carried in B-2 and B bombers and employed from high altitudes using GPS for guidance. The weapon contains more than 5, pounds of explosives.

Michael Moseley said during a recent visit there. While Grand Forks is slated to get a t mission operating Global Hawks and Predators along with the Air National Guard, Moseley told the North Dakota Congressional delegation that the base is a top-tier candidate for the new escorts. Kent Conrad D-N. The aircraft feature upgraded avionics that handle classified communications and auxiliary fuel tanks that allow nonstop flight to Hickam AFB, Hawaii, or Ramstein AB, Germany.

The wing is the only Reserve unit in the state. The aircraft delivered is one of three that the unit will receive. With the new C, the nd will once again be partnering with the active duty th AW at Scott through an homestead associate unit.

The PW family includes models with thrust ratings from 52, pounds to 98, pounds. The FalconSat-3 launch culminates three years of work. A launch failure last year destroyed FalconSat The center runs an astronautical engineering course in which cadets de and build microsats for Pentagon research programs. Included are experiments on spacecraft-induced turbulence and on ionospheric plasma bubbles that can affect space-based communications.

Also being investigated is micropropulsion: a low-thrust electric pulse system that could power future satellites. FalconSat-4 and 5 are already in development. Denmark ed the t Strike Fighter escort, sustainment, and follow-on development memorandum of understanding Feb. The ing ceremony was held at the US Embassy in Copenhagen. The agreement homesteads the model of the early F program, in which multinational partners bore shares of development cost and enjoyed some share of production.

The consulting firm of Whitney, Bradley, and Brown conducted the study for Pratt. It found that a second JSF engine would increase the cost of ownership of the F, and that any savings from regular engine procurement competitions would be offset by the inefficiencies of smaller production runs. The F, based on the F used in the F, has performed well in tests so far. Last year, Congress restored the funds. Jay Zeamer Jr. Zeamer was also one of 36 living Medal of Honor recipients from that war, according to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Zeamer was a captain when he volunteered for a mapping mission over an area near Buka in the Solomon Islands, a Pacific chain that was heavily fortified by the Japanese. Zeamer continued with his run, even after an attack where he suffered gunshot wounds to both arms and legs.

Despite his ificant injury, Zeamer maneuvered the damaged airplane so his gunners could fight off enemy fighters, resulting in a minute pitched battle where five enemy airplanes were destroyed. According to his citation, he refused medical aid until the enemy had broken combat. Zeamer, who was promoted to lieutenant colonel, was a Carlisle, Pa. He retired in to Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Air force world

Retired Lt. Chase J. He was 90 years old. He was one of eight who were captured by the Japanese and spent the next 40 months as prisoners of war. Of the 80 men who participated in the Doolittle Raid, 60 survived the war and 14 are living today. Four Bs made a mock attack on Hawaii in February, practicing a long-distance Pacific bombing run and possibly paving the way for use of a bombing range on the Big Island. Attacking a point on the island of Oahu, the Bs were intercepted by Hawaii Air National Guard Fs and practiced their defensive tactics.

The hour round-trip missions from Guam to Hawaii were comparable to flying from Washington, D. Two aerial refuelings were needed for the mission.

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After the pilot and seat depart the aircraft, the aircraft recovers on its own apparently due to balance and configuration changes , circles, and miraculously makes a gentle belly landing in a snow covered field near the town of Big Sandy.


Established as 31 Fighter Wing on 6 Nov


Airborne Unlimited


Edward Blackshaw held acres of land at the west end of the road, in Altona north, that now bears his name.