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Hiring an escort for a night or a trip is one of the best decisions you could ever make. However, knowing how exactly to relate to an escort does not come naturally to every man. Should you be friendly or detached? Form a connection or get right to business?


The laws of many jurisdictions in the United States do not permit sex work.

It is your responsibility to verify such matters and to know and follow your local laws. There are many instances in which hiring a sex worker, such as an escort or a dominatrix, is the most responsible decision you can make. If you want casual sex, with no strings attached, and have the wallet for it, an escort is an easier and more honest answer to your desires than prowling Tinder for singles who may be looking for a romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, our sex-negative government says otherwise. While sex work occurs in every single state, escort work, or prostitution, is only legal in areas of Nevada.

How to treat sex workers

The legislation will not stop sex work, only push make it more dangerous for sex workers. Read on to learn everything you need to know from contact information to condoms to consentto payment, to a reminder to always brush your teeth.

Alana, a New York City-based escort, recommends Eros. Other options include Slixa and Escort.

Most sex workers have contact forms on their website to make it ultra-easy for you to get in touch. Alana explains that most girls prefer online contact over phone, as scammers may use a phone call as an excuse to call them up and try and jerk off for free. A frequent complaint from sex workers is that men will contact them asking questions to which the answers are already clearly stated on their website. All professional sex workers have a screening process, and yes, you must respectfully follow it.

If this is your first time booking a session, it indeed may be more difficult for you. Then be like, if you are, what are your screening requirements? Listen to and respect the screening process.

You book a session with someone to fulfill a fantasy. That information is unnecessary, and there is a reason why sex workers keep information like that private.

Having that information is not going to add to the session. Ideally, before a session, you will have discussed what you want.

Once all parties have agreed on that, stick to it. Since she works within the realm of BDSMsome clients want to explore their limits and boundaries, which is why she uses safe words. Regarding escorts, wearing condoms is standard.

I bring my own to the session, sometimes guys bring their own if they have specific brands that they like to use. There are girls in the industry who will do bareback. If this is what you want, expect to exchange health records. Those who do offer PRE, or porn star experience, charge a lot more. But it definitely scares me.

Don't pay for an intimate encounter without reading this first

With the legalities of sex work, payment can be complicated. As part of the screening process, there is often a non-negotiable or refundable deposit involved, which is usually done online.

Just make it clear that you understand your donation. Bring cash in an unsealed envelope and leave it somewhere visible in the room.


This includes remaining respectful during the session, and also how to act if you want to see them again. You need to follow the protocol that you would as if you were contacting any other professional. Follow the contact protocol for the first session and any after.

Clean your ass crack.

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Make sure your tongue is brushed. Use mouthwash.

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